AltME AltME User Guide - Table of Contents
Updated: 8-Jan-2010


IntroductionAll about AltME and this user guide.
Quick StartGet started with AltME messaging in minutes.
SetupDownloading, installation, and setup.
Visiting a WorldThe basics of visiting other worlds.
Starting a WorldHow to get your own world up and running.
Main WindowDescription of the AltME user interface.
Users and GroupsHow to create and manage users and groups.
Chat MessagesAll about AltME instant messaging.
Alert MessagesHow to send an urgent message.
File SharingNEW! Sharing files openly or privately.
Shared ChecklistsSharing lists with other users.
Shared CalendarSharing a calendar with other users.
Advanced TopicsFor those who want to know more.
AltServe OperationCommercial AltMe world server.
ReferenceShortcuts, directories, etc.


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