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Updated: 8-Jan-2010

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Chat messages in AltME are instant and persistent. That means when you are on-line you get your messages right away, but if you are off-line, you will get your messages the next time you visit a world. It's like a telephone with a voice mailbox.

The AltME approach to instant messaging is quite useful because messages are shown in an easy-to-read conversational flow, even when users are not around at the same time. It's great for people who have different work or school schedules, or people in different timezones.

AltME messages can be sent to a user or to a group of users. As mentioned earlier, a group can include any number of users, even all the users in a safeworld.

Viewing Your Messages

To view your messages, just click on a user or group name in the userlist. Note that the red indicates that there is a new message from that user or in that group.


The panel on the right will change to show you message from that user or group.


Each message appears within its own box that includes the sender, the message, and when it was sent. The yellow highlight indicates the new messages since you were last in that group.

Sending a Message to a User

To send a message to a user, click on their name, and type a message in the message area at the bottom of the main window.


Press the Enter key to send the message. Within a short period, you'll see the message appear in the chat panel.


Sending a Message to a Group

Send a message to a group of users the same way you send a message to a specific user. There is no difference in how you send it.

To send a message to all users, send it to the All group.

Sending a Message to Yourself

Why would you want to send a message to yourself? Because it can be very useful! It's very quick and easy to do, plus if you use more than one computer, you can view your messages on all of them.

Sending messages to yourself is good for:

  • making notes for viewing later
  • storing reminders to yourself
  • easily saving links to web sites
  • keeping a journal or diary (because the date is kept too)
  • tracking time for a timesheet (time is kept too)

Setting Your User Color

Setting your user color makes your messages stand out from the others.

To set your color, click chatprefs.png

Click on the color bar colorpref.png

Move the sliders to select exactly the color you want, then click Ok.


Send a message to yourself to check your new color.

Your user color will be saved for each world separately, so you can have different colors in different worlds. If you use more than one computer, your user color will be updated on all.

Message Options

Another way you can make your messages stand out is by selecting one of the text attribute options on the chat message bar. These options can be set before or while typing your message and remain in affect until you reset them.


You can make your text bold or italicized by clicking on either of the chatb.pngchati.png

You can also press CTRL-B or CTRL-I to bold or italicize the text in your message.

To make the text both bold and italics, click on both chatb.pngchati.png

To quickly reset your message text back to normal, click on chatn.png

To view and change the color options for your message, click on chatc.png


Pick any one of the preset options or create your own color combination by clicking on the background and text colors. The example text shows you what your message text will look like.

Some users might find the colored messages hard to read.


To toggle between viewing your messages as normal text or with their custom colors click on the neutralize button. chatn2.png


Note that the neutralize button only affects the way you see the messages, other users are not affected.

AltME has two message edit modes. To use the enter key to go to the next line instead of sending the message, click on the chate.png

The icon turns yellow to indicate that you are in edit mode where the enter key will not send a message.

Notice that the message in the bar toggles between




depending on which edit mode you are currently using.


As you add more users and groups to your world, you may find it helpful to organize the user/group list with dividers. The three views of the user/group list below show the different ways to can display it.

Compact, only showing major dividers divcompact.png

A selected divider expanded divbus.png

All dividers expanded divexpand.png

Dividers are created by clicking on the dividbtn.png

in the tool bar located at the top of the user list.

The user list options box will appear


From this box, you can control the order messages are listed, which dividers to use, as well as creating new dividers, and other special settings.

If you are using the Worldmaster dividers, you will not be allowed to add any new dividers (unless you are the Worldmaster of course).

You may select the custom divider option, save, then open the user list options box again and start adding your dividers. Once you have added the divider, you may drag and drop all users and groups you wish to see under that divider.

To create a new divider, type into the Divider Label box provided


and click the buttonadd.png

Now your user/group list shows the new divider called Business.


To place the groups called Production and Marketing into the Business divider, left click on the Production group in the list, it will turn red, then drag it to the Business divider.


Repeat with the Marketing group and the user/group list now shows those groups in the Business divider.


Note that the Production and Marketing group still appear in the All Groups divider.

You can "close" the divider by clicking on it, this will hide the contents of the divider.


Removing Messages

Just like email or paper mail, once you send message, it is gone, and you cannot remove it later.


Some types of users and businesses especially require a "paper trail" that keeps every message. If users were allowed to delete messages, then there would be no such trail.

Red User and Group Names

As mentioned before, a user or group name turns red when you receive new messages. It will stay red until you open the message panel for that user or group.

Red Dates

If you see the date appear as read, the message was sent as an alert. The red is used to indicate that it was an urgent message. For more information, see the Alerts chapter.


If your message includes any text that looks like a web site URL, the message will appear in blue to indicate that it is a hyperlink. If you click on the blue text, it will open the browser to that location.

Special Shortcuts

If you click on the username of a message, you will jump to the private chat panel with that user. That can be handy if you are in a group chat panel, and want to quickly switch to private messages.

If you click on the message itself, you can select text to be copied as you would normally (press CTRL-C to copy the text). But, if you right click on a message, the entire text of the message will be instantly copied to the clipboard.

Searching Messages

To search all messages for a specific user or group, do this:

Click on export exporticon.png

You will see


Now, click on buttonview.png

Then, select search in your browser. Or, in IE press CTRL-F for "find".

Printing Messages

You can print messages the same way you search messages.

To print, click on: exporticon.png

You will see


Now, click on buttonview.png

Then select the Print option from your browser menus.

Saving Messages as a Web Page, Spreadsheet, and More

There are a number of other options for saving messages. For example, you can export your messages to a web page, text file, or even to a spreadsheet file.

These formats are available:

 HTML FileLet's you save the message as an HTML file that you can use on your website. You can also edit the HTML using any HTML editing program.
 Text FileYou can save the messages as a simple text file that can be edited with a text editor. This is handy if you want to use the messages within a document.
 REBOL DataThis is a powerful way to store data for processing with other computer programs.
 SpreadsheetExports your messages to a CSV (comma separated values) file format that can be imported into most spreadsheet programs.
 PNG ImageSaves the current message view in .PNG compressed image format.
 BMP ImageSaves the current message view as a simple bitmap file.

To export messages, click exporticon.png

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