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Updated: 8-Jan-2010

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Messaging in Minutes

You can join a private world or become a Worldmaster in just a few minutes - on your very first try. Here's how:

1. Visit the AltME Download Page and select the version of AltME that matches your computer system.


2. Open the file as soon as it finishes downloading, and you will see the AltMe Installer window.


3. Read the AltME License Agreement and click buttoniagree.png

4. Do the Quick Install by clicking buttoninstall.png

6. In a flash the installation will take place. Click buttonfinish.png

7. The AltME start window appears before you.


Visiting a World

Somebody probably invited you to join their world by sending you a world name, username, and password.

1. Enter the world name, username, and password in the boxes.

If you want, you can visit the Genesis world...

Worldname: Genesis

Username: Guest

Password: hello

2. Click buttonvisit.png

The AltME Introduction window appears.


3. Chat with a person by clicking their name. You can leave them a message even if they are not online.


4. Enter a group by clicking a group name (bold type). If no one is there, leave a message anyway. They'll all get it when they logon.


You can return to the start screen by clicking startmenuicon.png

Starting a World

You can become a Worldmaster and start your own private world at any time. From the Start Window:

1. Click startaworld.png

2. Type a world name and a password. Be sure to remember the password because you can't start up your world again without it.

3. AltME will check to see if your world name is taken. Nobody else on earth can have the same world name as you.

  • If the name is taken, keep trying until you find one that works.
  • Once you find a good one, AltME will ask you to retype your password. Write it down so you don't forget it.
4. Enter your email address if you want to contact you about important changes or events. (No spam, we promise.)

Then click buttonnext.png

5. Do you want to keep your world name safe for a year? See Keep Your World Name Safe.

YES, click buttonkeepitsafe.png

NO, click buttonriskit.png

An important rule!

If you don't "keep your name safe", then you must use it or lose it. Start your world at least every 10 days, or you will lose your world name.

Why? This rule keeps "name hogs" from hording all the good world names and not using them.

6. Make a note of your initial Worldmaster username and password:

Username: Master

Password: pass

You should change at least the password the first time you logon.

7. Click buttonstart.png

The tiny window at the bottom of the screen shows that you have become the Worldmaster for your own private world.


As long as you are connected to the Internet and the world is running, people can visit your world (but first you must send them an invitation).

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