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Updated: 8-Jan-2010

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AltME provides checklists that are shared between users. You can use shared checklists to keep track of just about anything you want, including:

  • steps to follow - such as a list of workout exercises
  • tasks to do - like what's needed to create a web site
  • things to remember - like a list of camping gear or a shopping list
  • people to contact - perhaps who's invited to your party
Lists are very simple to create and modify. As you make changes, like checking off items, everyone can see them.

Items in a list can be given priorities as well. And, if you need to print the list or output it to a web site or file, that's easy too.

List of Checklists

Your world can include as many checklists as you want, and anyone can create, change, or delete a list.

To see the current lists, click on listicon.png

If you are on a new world, then the list may be blank. Otherwise, you will see a list of checklists. Each line in the list shows the list name and when the checklist was last changed.


If you click on a line, you will see that list. If you right click on a line, you will see information about the list.

Adding a New Checklist

To add a new checklist, click on listadd.png

Give your checklist a name and provide a short description if you want:


You can change any of this information later if you need to.

Removing a Checklist

When you are finished with a checklist, you can remove it this way:

Click on the checklist icon listicon.png

Then, right click on a list


You will see an option to delete the list


Just click buttondelete.png

Changing a Checklist

At any time you can change the title and description of a checklist.

Click on the checklist list listicon.png

Then, right click on a list


Now, change any of the information in the box:


and click: buttonsave.png

Adding Items to a Checklist

There are two ways to add an item to a checklist:

1. click on an empty line in the list

2. click on listadd.png

You will see:


Enter the item name, set its priority if you want, and add a description if you think it helps others understand more about the item.

Click buttonsave.png

Removing Items From a Checklist

To remove an item from a list, just click on the item in the list. You will see the list item:


Click on buttondelete.png

Changing Checklist Items

You can modify the priority, name, and description of any list item. To do so, just click on the item


Make your changes


And click buttonsave.png

Sorting a Checklist

Checklists are normally sorted by priority as shown below, but you can sort a checklist in other ways by clicking on the labels at the top of the list.


For example, to sort alphabetically by item, click on "Item"


To sort by items checked, click on "X"


Searching a Checklist

In the current version of AltME, the best way to search a list is to view it in a web browser.

To search, first click on exporticon.png

You will see


Now, click on buttonview.png

Then, choose the search option in your browser. Or, in IE press CTRL-F for "find".

Printing a Checklist

The same steps as those above can be used to print a list.

To print, click on: exporticon.png

You will see


Now, click on buttonview.png

Then select the Print option from your browser menus.

Saving Checklists as a Web Page, Spreadsheet, and More.

There are a number of other export options. For example, you can export your list to a spreadsheet file, then open it with your favorite spreadsheet program.

These export formats are available:

 HTML FileLet's you save the list as an HTML file that you can use on your website. You can also edit the HTML using any HTML editing program.
 Text FileYou can save the list as a simple text file that can be edited with any text editor. This is handy if you want to use the list within a document.
 REBOL DataThis is a powerful way to store data for processing with other computer programs, and in future versions of AltME this will allow you to exchange checklists with other applications and other worlds.
 SpreadsheetExports your list to CSV (comma separated values) format that can be imported into most spreadsheet programs.
 PNG ImageSaves the current list view in .PNG compressed image format.
 BMP ImageSaves the current list view as a simple bitmap file.

Shortcut Keys

These shortcut keys can help speed your use of lists:

 CTRL-NCreates a new list or a new list item.
 CTRL-SSaves changes that are made to a checklist information box or edit list item box.
 ESCAPECloses an open information or edit window.

Coming Soon

Additional features to be added to checklists include:

  • private checklists - that are only shared with specfic users or groups.
  • list owners - where a list can only be modified by specific users or groups.

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