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Register Your World Name

Your world name is how your users find your world. It's your unique identification, just like a web site domain name. You should protect it.

Here's why you may want to register your world name:

  • Make it yours alone.
    The world name is registered to you, and no one else can use it, even if you don't use it.

  • Keep it safe from others.
    Normally, you get to keep your world name as long as you continue to use it. But, if you do not use it for 10 days, someone else can get it.

  • It helps support AltME!
    It helps us to grow and improve our software and products.

To keep your world name safe, whether you run your world or not, you can register it below. It costs only $10 per year to do so.

Yes, I want to register my world name.

Note: you can register a world that you already use or register a new world. But, you cannot register a world that someone else is using unless 10 days have passed since they last used it (and they have not registered it here).

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