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AltME News and Events

See also the Release News for details about newer versions.


Testing new AltServe on Hosted Worlds

We are testing a new AltME server on a few of our hosted worlds. It contains a few minor bug fixes. Once it is well tested, all hosted worlds will be updated.


Major Server Changes

We've moved several of our servers, including our website and hosting servers. Hopefully, you didn't even notice these changes. If you experience any problems, please contact us.


Hosted Server Improvements

For our hosted customers, we are moving worlds to new servers to help improve network performance.


AltME for Vista and System 7

We have made changes to AltME to improve installation on Vista and System 7. This change installs AltME without requiring administrative privileges in the private application and data area for each user (not in the Program Files area). This allows better per-user access to shared files and making it easier to locate files that are hidden in the maze of Microsoft Vista and System 7 file directories. (more)


AltME Updates Released

Several changes have been made to AltME. Restart AltME and it will auto-update if you have web access, or you can download the new program.


AltME Hosting Update

All AltME hosted worlds have been updated to a new version of the server, V 1.2.18.


AltME Hosting Update

All AltME hosted worlds have been updated to the newest version of the server, which fixes a few minor problems and adds greater security.


AltME 1.2.16 Released

Includes minor bug fixes.


AltME 1.2.10 Released

New file sharing options.


AltME Releases

Minor updates released. See What's New for changes.


AltME Upgrade from Beta

Older beta versions of AltME are no longer supported. If you are using any version older than 1.2.5, please upgrade. You may need to download the new version from our website (the auto-update will not work for some beta versions.)


AltME with File Sharing

Released version is now available for download.


AltME Test Release of File Sharing

Safeworlds releases AltME with file sharing as a beta test release.


How to Change the AltME New-Message Sound

If you want to use a different sound for new messages, you can. Read this note for simple instructions on how to change the sound.


Norton Antivirus Problem (Blade Runner Trojan)

If you use Norton antivirus software, and it pops up when you use AltME, you will want to read this note.


Hosting Services Change

We relocated our east-coast hosting services to provide better connections. Customers in New York, Washington DC, and Europe should notice the improvement.


AltME 1.0 for Linux Released

The Linux version of AltME has been updated to 1.0.2 If you use an older version, you should update to this one!


AltME 1.0 Released!

AltME 1.0 has been released. More...


AltME 0.4 Released

Dozens of changes, improvements, and new graphics. Give it a try!


AltME 0.4 Released

Dozens of changes, improvements, and new graphics. Give it a try!


AltME 0.3 Released

After nearly four months of testing by thousands of users, the new version of AltME has been released.


AltME Hosting Services

Keep your world online 24x7 with AltME world hosting.


AltME Beta 3 Released

Major internal changes to allow auto-updating for fixing bugs and adding features.


Made with REBOL...

Why we use REBOL for our products.


AltME World Name Recycling

SafeWorlds activates use it or lose it policy for world names.


AltME Total Web Site Overhaul

Safeworlds launches new AltME web site. Adds new features and promises more to come.

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