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Version 1.2

1.2.26 28-Jul-2010

We have made changes to AltME to improve installation on Vista and System 7.

This change installs AltME without requiring administrative privileges in the private application and data area for each user (not in the Program Files area). This allows better per-user access to shared files and making it easier to locate files that are hidden in the maze of Microsoft Vista and System 7 file directories.

If you have an earlier version of AltME, it may be best to uninstall it prior to installing this version. However, that's not an essential requirement, and in fact, installing this newer version will copy your older files to the newer location (however, after that, you may still want to remove the older files from your Program Files folder.)

1.2.25 22-Jul-2010

Improved scrolling of checklists, including use of scroll wheel.

1.2.24 22-Jul-2010

Fixes checklists: in cases where they did not always get updated properly.

1.2.23 7-Jun-2010

Fixes a crash when attempting to open file folders.

1.2.22 2-Feb-2010

Provides a faster and improved method of preserving messages as noted below. The message box will be made a light grey color while it's being sent to the world server.

1.2.19-21 19-Jan-2010

  • Mark all messages as read. Useful if you are not interested in seeing older messages indicated with in red text. This new button is located near the bottom of the divider options (the small wrench at the top of the user list panel).
  • Message is preserved until received. When sending a message, the edit panel will show the message (with gray background) until the server has posted it to all valid users.
  • No more ding ding ding. The "ding" sound for new messages will no longer repeat for every group or user who as sent a new message. The ding will only occur again after a period of one minute.
  • Dynamic polling. Update time is now dynamic making it even more efficient for lower-bandwidth devices (and servers) but without affecting the user-preceived instant messaging throughput.
  • Tracker bug fixed. Fixes a crash caused by the Tracker app (the bug and feature tracking database) when switching to worlds that do not have it.
  • Various fixes to new problems.

1.2.18 8-Jan-2010

  • Beginning regular updates again. You can sponsor a fix and help support AltME (especially if you use it for free!)
  • Settings panel allows file size limit for transfers. Maximum size is 15MB.
  • Checklists index page can be sorted by date. Click on the "Modified" heading. Once for oldest first, again for newest first.
  • Servers now log all user account and group changes. View server-log.txt.

1.2.17 7-Apr-2008

  • Download entire folder. In file sharing, you can download all files for a specific folder. Right click on the folder's icon and select the "Reload" button.
  • Fixes an error in the 1.2.16 update related to checking for lost messages.

1.2.16 6-Apr-2008

  • Checks for lost messages. It is rare, but a bad network connection may drop a message. This version will periodically check chat message groups, and will resync the messages if it finds any missing.
  • Fixes problem with "" argument in program files. If you ran a .exe file from AltME, a "" would get passed to the program as an argument. Fixed.
  • Error message on dir creation error. If a directory could not be created, AltME would error out. Fixed.
  • Fixed a scrolling problem in File Sharing.
  • Fixed invite failure message. No longer errors out.

1.2.15 28-Nov-2007

  • Remember the file sort order. In the file sharing options panel, you can now select "Remember file sort order." Now click on the file column headers, to sort in a specific order (upward or downward). AltME will remember that order each time you run it.

    For example, if you ask for the most recently modified file to be at the top (click the Date column twice) you will see files in that order each time.

1.2.14 7-Nov-2007

  • Finer control of scrolling with up or down arrows. In large messages sets, clicking on the scroll bar arrows would scroll by too many messages.
  • Fixes opening main window too large. Fixes problem when starting AltME where the window may be off the top of the screen.
  • Fixes scrolling of search results. If you had greater than 10 results, scrolling did not always work.
  • Fixes bug in checklist item field scrolling. Field scrolling now reset on display.
  • Tracker difficulty field added back (selected worlds). Also adds new report formats: By Difficulty and Completed.

1.2.13 26-Oct-2007

  • Server clock check is now optional. You can enable or disable it from your Settings panel. This features checks that your server (world) clock matches your local clock (adjusted for time zone).
  • Fixes major bug in offline usage when you want to read your messages while not connected to the net.
  • Fixes minor bug in icon pane when you right clicked on the help part of the application icon panel, an error would occur.
  • Minor changes to AltME update notice. First, AltME will close when you read the update news in your browser. Also, if you do nothing, the update notice will close after 30 seconds. Both of these changes are done to keep AltME from timeout problems.
  • Updates bug tracker applet (selected worlds). Removes unused fields and buttons. Simplifies parts of the layout. Improves some of the report modes.

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