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2010 Oct 13 - Host Servers

We've been working with our service providers to increase even further the performance of various world hosting servers.

2010 Oct 12 - Moved Various World Hosting and Web Servers

We've moved several of our servers, including our website and hosting servers.

2010 Feb 21 - Moving Primary Server

We are in the process of moving our main server including website, email, DNS, routing and other services. We plan to minimize interruption, but some minor features may not be operational for several hours.

2009 Nov 30 - Changing Internet Address

We are changing our IP address for and If you use a non-hosted (free) world, you will need to restart your AltME server this week in order to obtain the new IP address.

2009 Nov 16 - Primary Site

One of our primary servers blew out a network card. Network operations moved temporarily to a backup server. Service has been restored, but it may take a few hours for address caching activity stablize.

2009 Oct 21 - Primary Site

A primary network service went down. Service has been restored.

2009 Sep 30 - Hosting Services

The central server provider is encountering some delays and timeouts. Our engineers are investigating the problem.

2009 April 29 - Hosting Services

Our backbone server provider reports a problem: "We are experiencing temporary network issues. You should be able to contact your servers, but the connection may be slow. Our Network engineers are already working on it, and we will update as soon as the situation has been addressed. Thank you for your patience and understanding, Customer Service Team"

2008 July 22 - Hosting Services

Hosting server not responding. Rebooted.

2008 July 11 - Primary Site

World name server offline. Service restored.

2007 Aug 23 - Primary Site

CPU fan failed on primary server. Service is back up, but server is scheduled for service this evening (PDT) to replace the fan.

2007 Mar 19, 9:30 PDT - Hosting Services

A backup generator failure at Superb Internet caused an outage that affected our New York and Washington DC services.

According to Superb, their utility company accidently cut their power lines and their UPS and generators failed. (A repeat of the exact problem they had last October.)

2006 Nov 8, 12:00 PDT - Hosting Services

There is an outage affecting our east-coast, Washington DC based servers. We are working with our server provider to restore service as soon as possible.

2006 Oct 6, 14:35 PDT - Hosting Services

An electrical outage in primary and backup systems has brought down our east-coast based AltME hosting services. The power will be restored as soon as possible. The server provider, Superb Internet, informs us that a backup generator is on its way. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will update this page as we know more (be sure to press reload).

This outage affects a range of hosted AltME worlds, including several that are hosted for REBOL Technologies. See Power Outage Problem at Superb Internet for more details.

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